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What is the Appsembler Academy?

The Appsembler Academy is the home of all the learning that happens at Appsembler, whether it's for the general public, our customers or even our team. We're committed to using all of our own tools and special sauce to provide the same great educational experiences that we want our customers to offer to their learners.

Here's a short FAQ that may answer your questions about the Academy, and if you want to learn anything else, just hit the ? icon in the bottom right to get in touch.


What is Appsembler?

Appsembler is a company that provides cutting-edge learning technology software. That’s the short version, but we’re so much more. To learn more about who we are and what we’re about, head over to or check out the Appsembler Jump Start course for the full rundown!

What is Open edX?

Open edX is an open source learning management system, which we use and support here at Appsembler. The Jump Start course has more information on Open edX, or you can visit if you want to learn more about Open edX specifically. We're going to be offering a wide variety of courses on the Academy about Open edX from both a course development perspective and a software development perspective, as we care deeply about being a part of the great open source community and want to enable more developers and course designers to work with us!

Why does the Appsembler Academy exist?

There’s an old saying that you should never trust a skinny chef. The implication being that if their cooking was good, they’d be eating it all the time. Whether this is true or not is debatable, but our intention is definitely to get fat on our own food. Just as we provide a solution for our customers to deliver top-notch online learning, our goal is to provide that to you using our own tools. The benefits of this are huge for everyone, including:

  • Maintaining our hands-on perspective of our own products to better serve our customers
  • Making the on-ramp into the Open edX community smoother to help train a new wave of skilled course developers and software engineers
  • Training our own team behind the scenes (you may never see that side of our course catalog, but it’s there!)
  • Help our customers grow and improve their own courses by serving as a gold standard example

We can’t wait to grow and expand our catalog, and it’s great to see you here to join us!

How much does the Academy cost?

The core of our content is, and always will be totally free. As our catalog and capacity grows, we’ll almost certainly start providing premium content, and content that is specially available only for Appsembler customers, but there will always be new free content available for everyone and anyone. That’s just how we work. So go sign up and don’t expect us to badger you for payment later, what you can see right now is all freely available!

Can I have a site like this?

Yep! Everything created on this site is made using the tools we support. You should head over to if you want to find out more about our tools and platform!

I’m having trouble signing in or with some other part of the platform.

That’s not really a question as it’s more of a statement, but never fear, the big question mark button is there to help down in the bottom right. With that, you can send us an email, and we’ll respond within the next week. We’d love to respond sooner, and if we can we will, but we can only talk to so many people at once! You can also check out our Help page for a few tips and tricks.