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If you are ever lost and in need of help.

If you need help, the big question mark button is here to help down in the bottom right. With that, you can send us an email, and we’ll respondwithin the next week. We’d love to respond sooner, and if we can we will, but we can only talk to so many people at once! You don’t have to sitwith that window open, provided you give us a valid email address, any responses will go to your email. As detailed in our privacy policy, contactdetails provided in this way will only ever be used for responding to your questions, and will not be shared with third parties.

It says my account is locked! What do I do?

If you receive this message, your account was automatically locked due to repeated login failures in a short period of time as a securitymeasure. Wait 20 minutes and then perform a password reset. We recommend using a password manager such as LastPass, Keeper, orDashlane to help store your passwords to prevent this from happening in the future.

I haven’t received a password reset email after requesting one

First, check your spam filter to make sure it’s not gotten trapped in there. You’re looking for an email from If you can’t find itstill, there may be something wrong with the email address on your account. To get help with this, use the contact widget in the bottom right tosend us an email about the issue.

I’ve found a security issue with your site! How do I report it, and do you offer a bounty?

We take security very seriously, so please send the issue on over to us and we’ll fix it. We do not offer a bug or security flaw bounty programat this time. You will, however, be one of our favorite people, and that’s got to count for something.

I have privacy concerns or questions, who do I talk to?

We take privacy as seriously as we take security, so please get in touch using the widget in the bottom right. You can also review our privacypolicy by using the link in the footer.

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